This work is about frustration. Frustration with photography and its lack of honesty (or lack of caring that it is honest). Frustration with the rapid degradation of honest communities and the influx of corporate entities that run out any family-owned businesses. Frustration that pleasure can be twisted and that advertising knows this. Frustration of how doubt is so engrained in art. 

But at some point I allowed the frustration to drive the art - the frustration about the subject matter as well as how I was handling the photographs (carelessly shooting and even blatantly manipulating them digitally.) Eventually, my frustration grew with the subject matters and I decided they no longer deserved the careful respect that they seemed to lack for the places they resided; the photos fell into this space where they were no longer grounded in reference to the natural world and landed in a dangerous position where the subjects become pleasing in a way that should certainly be questioned by an audience. 

The use of repetition of images reinforces my obsession with the disgust of gentrification, and yet my inevitable benefit from it. This cyclical mindset led to obsession of certain subject matters, disparity of the seriality of previously unique communities, and the onset feeling of dread from leading life trapped under a dense blanket of power lines.